Asperger Syndrome

Use the following guidelines in APA style: Correct title page;
1†margins on all sides; correct length of paper (10 pages); 12 pt.
font; utilized block style. All quotations are correct and follow 6th
edition of APA. Free of typographical errors; grammatically correct;
written in 3rd person; varied sentence and paragraph beginnings;
acceptable sentence and paragraph structure. Logical organization;
effective introduction and summary. Paper demonstrates knowledge of
content, analysis, synthesis, and application of information, all of
the following are included: 1. basic description of Aspergers 2. how
Aspergers is diagnosed 3. physical signs of Aspergers 4. treatment of
Aspergers 5. role of the family when a child has Aspergers 6. include
a “real life†case example of child with Aspergers 7. includes all
entries on reference page 8. paper should be 5 to 10 pages in length
(including references) A wide variety of quality references published
within the last 5 years, cited correctly in text and on the reference
page; follows 6th edition of APA; all entries on the reference page
are addressed in the text