Pneumonia Vaccines Administration

Please expand this Evidence based practice paper. Its an PICOT paper. Please clearly list picot question in introduction. I will also send the paper template that contains what should paper contain. P= population, I= intervention C= comparison O= outcome T= Time. Picot question is “In the primary care setting, will educating the geriatric population with chronic disease about Pneumonia vaccine administration increase the number of vaccines administered in February of 2016? Also add at least 10 more references to already 5. It should have total of 15 references. All the references should be scholarly evidence base articles. Please include provider education and guideline compliance related articles for evidence of table. Should have 15 refrences. Please follow the rubric below to develop this paper Category (points possible) Exceeds Standard (A) Score 5 Introduction (5) Clearly and concisely states the paper’s purpose in a single sentence that is engaging and thought provoking. Introduction is engaging, states the main topic, and previews the structure of the paper. 5 Body: PICOT (5) PICOT question succinctly stated. Includes thorough description of unique qualities of the population, description of the intervention being evaluated and the comparison, and the expected outcome(s) being evaluated. 10 Significance of the Problem (10) The significance of the problem is well developed. Significance is established through description of impact on patient/family, healthcare providers, institution, healthcare system. Exemplary discussion of legal and ethical implications and exemplary discussion of impact on quality or safety included. 5 Search Strategy and Results (5) Exemplary description of the search strategy includes search words used, databases used, inclusion and exclusion criteria and thorough explanation of logic for this process. Exemplary description of the search results including number and type of articles found through each database; reasons for exclusion of articles from pool of articles found described.

Please write this grad level/master level paper. I have included all the instructions and description. please see attachments for instructions