Regection paper

Throughout this unit, you have
learned that certain links exist between emotions, motivation, and stress. In fact, if one
does not handle his
her stress effectively, numerous health issues could arise.
For this assignment, you are to compose a two
page reflection paper in which you
examine a current or former stressful
event in your life. You must embrace Selye’s general adaptation syndrome (GAS), and describe your reactions to the
stressful event during each stage. Be sure that you recount the various facial expressions that you dis
played as you
PSY 1010
, General Psychology
progressed through each stage as well. What coping strategies did you embrace to help solve the problem? Additionally,
how was your professional work impacted by the stressor? Furthermore, did you experience additional conflicts with other
dividuals as you endured this life trial?
You must effectively examine each of the areas listed above. Furthermore, you should visit the CSU Online Library to
identify a source that provides specific information on how this stressful issue could impact yo
ur health, future goals, and
motivation. You must integrate the textbook as a source as well.
Tips for writing your Reflection Paper:
This is meant to give a concise overview of the featured stressful event and is usually one
paragraph in
length. In your introduction, you will reveal the featured stressful event that you will examine for this
This contains your description of the required areas listed above in the opening statement, including
Selye’s GAS, your facial expre
ssions, coping strategies, professional impact, and relationship conflicts.
In this portion of the paper, you should provide information from the textbook and an additional source
identified from the CSU Library to analyze the impact that the st
ressful event could have placed upon your health,
future goals, and motivation.
This summarizes your final reflections for the featured topic. For instance, what implications have
you uncovered during your research that you will apply to futu
re stressful events?
Do not forget to double space your response and use Times New Roman 12 pt. font. This written assignment
should have a cover page, two full pages of content in which you organize the four sections of the reflection based on the
guidelines as listed above, and a references page. You are required to utilize the textbook and one additional source for
this assignment.
sources should be included on your references page. You should also have accompanying in
citations for each
source that you have used throughout your response.

Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment is provided below