Systems Analysis and Design

UMUC is a small, private specialized electronics company in Kansas. For the past 20 years, it provided a wide range of precision electronic components and replacement parts for medical equipment used in hospitals, doctors office, and pharmacies. Recently, the company began building and delivering custom low voltage motors that reduced electricity costs and made older medical equipment more green friendly. Last year UMUC added a new line of more efficient low voltage motors that can be used in precision equipment outside the healthcare industry. UMUC is experiencing significant increases in orders for the motors and the associated

installation services. Increased orders coupled with expanded manufacturing and increased demand for the

related services is stretching the existing business processes and support systems to the breaking point. The Business Administration Department has stepped up and is meeting the challenge, but the CEO, CFO, COO, and CIO knows that they are only treading water. UMUC is ready to address these challenges as it prepares to begin offering online ordering and decrease its dependence on third party distributors. You are an independent Business and IT Systems Analyst, specializing in developing IT solutions for small business needs. You have been contacted by UMUC to speak to the CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, SVP, Engineering & Manufacturing Operations, and VP, Business Administration (IT Steering Committee) about the possibility of replacing the information systems associated with operations, business administration, and finance. The IT Steering Committee wants to start by replacing the current customer billing and payment system and processes with an assurance the new system and processes can be interfaced with other new IT systems and business processes as needed. While there is currently no money in the budget to replace or upgrade these systems, the

executives are committed to moving the company forward and improving UMUCs business support