Argue that the contract is ethical and enforceable.

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Mabel signed a contract with, and then entered, the Trust Us Nursing Home (“the Home”). The contract required Mabel to transfer all of her assets to the Home in return for a promise of continuing care for the rest of her life. The Home, however, reserved the right to cancel the contract for medical or safety reasons if Mabel ever became ineligible for old age benefits once her assets had been exhausted. Unless the Home canceled the contract, it was obligated to care for Mabel until she left the facility voluntarily or by reason of death. If Mabel left voluntarily or if the Home canceled the contract, Mabel was entitled to recover any unused assets.

Ethics and Social Responsibility

Team 1 question: Argue that the contract is ethical and enforceable.
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The debates will concern what a manager should do in given situations. At the beginning of the semester, the class will be divided into teams, each of which will be assigned to prepare and present a particular position on several of the Ethics Problems.

Ethics and Social Responsibility

During the debates, the teams will present arguments in support of their respective positions. Where applicable, each team should discuss the actor’s responsibilities to himself, to society or the public generally, to any business associates, stockholders, or employees, and to anyone else who may be affected by the actor’s conduct. At your convenience, please put together a written outline of your

Ethics and Social Responsibility

team’s position.
General Format:
Legal considerations
Ethical considerations