Change management in organizational behavior

Change management in organizational behavior
Change is constant. Regardless of efforts to maintain the status quo, or of individuals who want things “the way they use to be” or of businesses fearful of customer repercussions from new business models, change will happen. Changing economic conditions, new technology, and the next generation workforce with new ways of thinking about and approaching problem-solving, are all examples of the certainty of change.

In organizational behavior, we study how to manage that change so we can keep the organization healthy, competitive, and prosperous. For this study, we will take another, albeit different, look at the Sweet Briar College case to see what we can learn about change management in the situation. Review the high level videos that provide an overview of change management. Next, focus your learning on one particular model of change management. The change management models are:

Lewin’s 3-Stage
Kotter 8-Stage

Video Learning
Tracy Stuart, Visionary Leader: Unlikely Heroine of Sweet Briar College (Tracy Stuart and Sweet Briar College – Student Version.docxPreview the document

Watch the Introductory Videos to get an overview of Change Management.
Read the short case: Tracy Stuart and Sweet Briar College (attached above)
Study the resource provided for the model you are assigned. You may also consult additional resources if you choose.
*My assigned model is Kotter’s 8-Stage!!!!!!!*

4. Examine the Sweet Briar College case looking for changes that occurred throughout the story that exemplify the model you are studying. Is there a particular change that was managed using the steps in your model? Was there an occasion when some of the steps may have been followed, but not others on the model? Were there consequences (positive or negative) from these actions?

Hint: The Reference links at the end of and throughout the case may provide additional information that will be helpful to you in this assignment.

5. Submit your analysis (about 500-600 words, double-spaced).

Note: The expectation here is not that you will find (nor write about) every little instance that applies to the model you are studying, but rather that you will submit your findings as they pertain to two or three major changes that occurred which you assess as best illustrating your understanding of that change management model in action. Show the model at work. I will be evaluating to see how well you know the model you are studying, by how well you apply that model to the case. Clear, concise and focused writing is required as always.