emotional needs of students

Providing for the emotional needs of students receiving services under the IDEA is often overlooked, especially by administrators who are unaware of this service requirement. Academics are important, but the emotional needs of students must not be neglected. Consider what social and emotional needs should be included in a resource document for PK-12 administrators to provide assistance in developing remediation strategies. Include the following intervention strategies:

A. Addressing Daily Accommodations and Modifications (Including Social/Emotional Needs)

B. Environmental Issues (Example: Lighting; Seating Arrangement)

C. Assistive Technology and Augmentative Communication

D. Shortened Schedule

E. Shortened Assignments

F. Stress Reduction (Example: Time to Talk to Advisor)

G. Cognitive Challenges (Example: Extra to Time to Process Information)

H. Alternative Goals

I. Alternative Curriculum

J. Additional Teacher Time to Address Social and Emotional Needs

Length: 5-7 pages; minimum of 7 scholarly resources required but other appropriate sources can be included!