Explain education goals including passionate for nursing degree

ong>Explain education goals including passionate for nursing degree

Explain education goals including passionate for nursing degree, and why im interested in becoming a nurse. describe my professional goals and career aspirations after i receive my degree. outline my commitment to community service, including how i have lived out this commitment. Indicate how a scholarship award will make a difference in my financial and personal circumstance…

My answers should include. #1. since i was a little girl, i’ve always wanted become a nurse, passionate about helping others,I also like the healthcare industry, both my parents are in the healthcare field and enjoy what they do.#2. after receive my bachelors degree in nursing, I would like to work in a hospital setting as a RN, get a lot of experience, learn etc.put all my education to good use #3.

I’ve had hours of community service, including at Dayton metro libraries, food pantries, cancer walk-a- thon, assisted elderly parishioners from community church, I will continue to give back to the community, its a good feeling to help those in need, I feel a sense of satisfaction whether i assisted children in learning how to read or assisted the elderly with their house chores, it was rewarding, I already have other community service obligations lined up for this new year #4. this scholarship will help because my parents are financially strapped and cant assist,it will be less stressful for me, I can concentrate on making good grades without worries of paying for next semester’s classes/books etc. also both my parents went to college, my mom had financial assistance and was able to do better in school than my father who had no financial assistance, he was under more stress of worrying about how to pay for next semester. Although they both did well, and graduated from college