Interview mental health staff related to “burnout”

style=”text-align: justify;”>Interview mental health staff related to “burnout”

Students will have the option to visit an alternative community-based program for management of emotional crisis or spend two hours at their community site (in addition to the 16 hour service requirement) observing or speaking with providers of mental health services at the site in regards to their role and possible challenges.

NOTE that this must be negotiated with and agreeable to the site. Students may also suggest alternative activities that they wish to engage in to access perspectives on community mental health. Three questions to consider in your interview(s) in this activity are:

1. Describe a theme or possible stressor in the role being looked at that could (or is currently) being viewed as significant stress to the workers/ caregivers. This may be viewed over time as a factor related to ‘burnout’, caregiver stress, or a factor for employee turnover.

2. Describe signs and symptoms to this site’s work center stress. [Every site/ work center has stress] . Generically speaking, any possibly link to pathophysiological disorders? Example, asthma/ reactive airway disease or GI distress with frequent urgent care can be linked to stress.

3. Has this sight recommended any stress reduction programs, or are there possible programs that you would recommend? Is the recommendation cost effective?