intro to business computing

**If you follow the steps from the web page you will have no trouble completing this assignment**

1. Review the web page that we reviewed in class before Spring Break and the file I was working with in class (below) and use each as a guide to complete this assignment.

– (Links to an external site.)

– excel2016_intropivottables_practice 2.xlsxPreview the document

2. Complete the steps that were covered in the Web Page to complete a new series of pivot tables answering the following questions using the data file below. Each pivot table should be in a separate tab as I demonstrated before Spring Break. (Use my file above as a guide) ***DO NOT JUST MODIFY MY EXAMPLE FILE AND TURN THIS IN — USE THE RAW DATA FILE BELOW TO COMPLETE THE ASSIGNMENT***

– excel2016_intropivottables_practice.xlsxPreview the document

3. Create a tab for each question and include a tab for the raw data file (do not modify the raw data file — create each pivot table in a different tab) The tabs should be in the order below:

– Data file

– Amount Sold by each sales person

– Monthly Sales

– Amount sold by each region

-***Then complete the \”Challenge Steps\” from the web page — and label the tab as \”Challenge\”