Patient Consent/Patient Rights & Responsiblities/End of Life

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Topic:Patient Consent/Patient Rights & Responsiblities/End of Life
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Details:The case you are using is the Robert Courtney case. Here is one link but there are several others you can use: 1.Discuss the rights and expectations that a patient has when interacting with an organization or person providing some level of healthcare services.a.Were those rights and expectations violated in this case? If so, how? b.What role did the pharmacist have as a patient advocate? Did he uphold that obligation? 2.Using information from the Internet and other sources, evaluate the legal conclusion of this case.a.What were the deciding factors? b.Did the punishment fit the crime? c.Was an appeal filed? d.Is he in prison today? e.Did this case result in any changes in procedures for dispensing drugs to patients?