Professional nursing practice in Australia

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• According to Daly, Speedy and Jackson (2014), the concept of caring is identified as central to the theory and practice of nurses. Nursing has an essential role to care for the health of individuals, families and communities. Many people believe that care given by nurses has the potential to restore health.
• However, today’s healthcare system is shaped by overarching economic influences, such as cost containment and profit margins. It seems that there is less of a platform for caring work. The challenge for nurses is how they can provide effective care in the context of ongoing resource constraints. This could result in a situation where there is more concern with institutional cost saving than with quality care.*Present an academic dissertation that will persuade the lecturer to agree with your stance in relation to the following question.*Do you agree that caring in nursing is under threat in the contemporary health care environment?*In your dissertation, you should include:1. A discussion of the meaning of care, caring and comfort in the nursing context. You are encouraged to use various nurse theorists’ concepts of caring to support your thoughts.2. A statement of your position, e.g., do you agree or disagree with the statement? What is the basis for your position, i.e. the evidence supporting your stance?3. Counter-arguments against opposing views.