Program Evaluation

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Topic:Program Evaluation
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Details:Anyone can have a program. In fact, often times one is put together on a whim without really thinking through what the goals will be or how it will be evaluated. However, it is very important to assess the effectiveness of any program to determine if it should continue or be terminated. For the fourth part of my SLP, using information from the readings and my interviewee, (I provided said materials) answer the following questions concerning the program I selected. 1.What are the goals/objectives of the program? 2.What method of evaluation was chosen? 3.Why was this method chosen? 4.What were some of the specific steps used to evaluate the program? 5.What has the program manager discovered about the program based upon an evaluation? A framework for program evaluation. (n.d.). Retrieved from Decisions analysis in healthcare: Program evaluation. (n.d.). Retrieved from McNamara, C. (n.d.). Designing your program evaluation plans. Retrieved from Ross, M. (2010). Designing and using program evaluation as a tool for reform. Journal of Research on Leadership Education, 5(12), 481-506. Shackman, G. (n.d.). What is program evaluation? Retrieved from