The role of the nurse with support from the literature


Follow the rubrics, subheading for rubrics, do not use book for reference, use only evidence based research


-Evaluates the purpose of the project or the problem that this change will address.

-Creates measurable goals.

-Justifies the intended outcome of this project in relationship to the institution, the patient/family/community.

-Rates the project’s consistency with the role of nursing in today’s society.

-Justifies the role of the nurse with support from the literature.

-Supports the overall design and approach of the project with current literature.

-Justifies whether this approach was researched previously by others.

-Judges the findings of others who initiated solutions to this problem or project.


-Justifies the list of key stakeholders who will need to be engaged in order to get support to move this project.

-Supports specific persuasive arguments that could be used with each constituency.

-Summarizes the anticipated blockages and strategies to employ to combat blockages.

-Explains organizational theory, systems theory, or change theory.

-Justifies the steps to operationalize the program or solution to the problem.

-Interprets details of timelines.

-Assesses resources needed.

-Assembles communication plan.

-Compiles rough budget.

-Evaluates the outcomes.

-Rates the measurements.

-Supports the indicators to adapt different strategies.