Analysis Assignment how a drug is represented

maceutical Case

Analysis Assignment how a drug is represented

Pharmaceutical Case Analysis Assignment

Objective: The purpose of this paper is to help the learner to analyze how a drug is represented to the general public, versus how it comparesin therapeutic and practical value to patients for whom it may be prescribed, or who may request its prescription.

Students will select:
a drug found in advertisement tothe public by radio, television, print, or internet resources

Students will prepare awritten,APA‐formatpaper (6‐9 pages).Information providedinthe paper should be supported by accurate, reliable reference sources (with proper in‐text citations and reference list,perAPA format).

The paperwill include the following (see grading rubricfor additionalinformation):

Description of background, including type of media usedto marketthe drug, significanceand issues associated with marketing this
pharmacologic agent

A case study created by the student, based on the drug chosen.Thecase study should describe use ofthe drug by a particularpatient,including the following:
o Brief description of patient andrelevantfactors (demographiccharacteristics, etc.)

o Reason for treatment (disease, prevention of disease, etc.)

o Drug regimen

o Any relevant co‐morbidities

o Any relevant concomitant medications

Discussion of your case study:
o Risks, benefits, desirablefactors associated with the chosendrug

o A possible alternativedrug choice

o Specific patientconsiderationsthat apply toyour case – somepossible examples include cost of drug, likelihood for


o Specific nursingconsiderationsthat apply toyour case.

Pharmacology profile summary (note: this can be provided intableformat)

o distinguishbetween approved (“labeled”) indicationsand“off‐label” uses (if any)

o mechanism of action

o therapeuticresponse(s)

o clinical use(s)

o pertinent PK/PD

o Common adverse orside effects

o Significantmonitoringconsiderations

o Nursing considerations

Pharmaceutical Case Analysis Assignment how a drug is represented