Analyze the crisis response and the role of the nurse

style=”text-align: justify;”>Analyze the crisis response and the role of the nurse

New roles for nurses who care for people with genetic conditions.
Project description
Due to the advances in DNA technology and major developments in nursing practice in clinical genetics, including the creation of new roles for nurses who care for people with genetic conditions. Application of genetic information and testing is moving genetics into the mainstream of health care. Therefore, it is expected that nurses in all areas of practice should become involved in the provision of information about genetic testing and assisting individuals and families in decision making and adjustment to new genetic information (Jenkins & Calzone, 2007).
Jenkins, J., & Calzone, K. (2007). Establishing the essential nursing competencies for genetics and genomics. Journal Of Nursing Scholarship, 39(1), 10-16. doi:10.1111/j.15475069.2007.00137.x
For the final paper, you are to write a minimum of 8 pages (not including abstract, title page or reference page) in which you:
• Discuss a woman plagued by the news of a potentially aneuploid fetus and the challenge of having to make decisions regarding 1. amniocentesis and 2. self and fetal testing for Huntington’s Disease (HD)
• Include your literature review to determine the time frame for decision making (dictated by the pregnancy), lack of social support, limited financial resources, and potentially compromised cognitive functioning (a result of early HD symptoms).
• Describe the need for expanding the nurses scope of practice to incorporate a genetic focus into health assessment, patient education, and patient support as they assimilate new genetic information
• Analyze the crisis response and the role of the nurse.
• Discuss why it is important to identify the individuals’ barriers and strengths.
• What new insight about genetics and role of the nurse in crisis intervention did you discover?
• Use APA 6th edition style and formatting for resources and citations according to your APA 6th edition manual.
• Include a minimum of 5 peer reviewed scholarly sources within the last 5 years.

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