Describe your personal nursing philosophy by using Black 2014 page

tyle=”text-align: justify;”>Describe your personal nursing philosophy by using Black 2014 page

263 as a guide. Complete the items below:
-Included in your philosophy is your professional purpose which includes your beliefs-(explain your beliefs) and why you chose nursing as your profession-5 points.
-Elaborate on your beliefs of the core and focus of nursing including your vision for yourself as a nurse and how has this philosophy changed (or not changed) during your career-5-points.
-Elaborate on how you live out your philosophy of nursing every day in terms of your (1) patients, (2) your patients’ families, (3) your fellow health care professionals, (4) your own health-5 points.

2. Why is Florence Nightingale credited with being the first nurse researcher and how did she change the care of the soldiers during the Crimean War?

3. What is the purpose of each of the following: Nursing’s Social Policy Statement, Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice, and the Code of Ethics for Nurses? How do these guidelines contribute to the professional characteristics of nursing?

4. Describe the nursing theorists with whom you most identify and relate why you identify with this theory in relation to your nursing practice.