Evidence-Based Practice Paper NU313-Dimensions of Professional Nursing

style=”text-align: justify;”>Evidence-Based Practice Paper NU313-Dimensions of Professional Nursing

Dimensions of Professional Nursing

1) Identify a nursing intervention you have used in your practice in the clinical/hospital setting.
2) Find 3 or 4 evidence-based articles to support the nursing intervention.
3) Identify 2 ways that evidence-based interventions will affect your practices as a RN.

The above 3 items will be written into a 6-7 page paper (including title and reference page). The paper will count for 60 points of your total grade. The rubric for the paper will be as follows:

1) Cover page is formatted according to APA format (5 points)
2) Content of the paper follows the above noted instructions. The articles used as resources are evidence-based articles written within the last 5 years. (35 points)
3) Paper will be free from spelling and grammar errors. 1 point will be deducted for each spelling or grammar error up to a total of 10 points. (10 points)
4) APA formatting will be used throughout the body of the paper as well as on the reference page (10 points)