Online Dating: What is your opinion of online dating based on either your own experiences with it and/or others’ experiences with it ?

Online Dating

What is your opinion of online dating based on either your own experiences with it and/or others’ experiences with it (i.e.., what have people told you about it)? If you have not used online dating nor know anyone who has used it, state your opinion.

In two other postings: Respond to 2 other students. (You can respond to more than 2 students if you wish but that’s optional).

Response to my questions above in at least 6 sentences. Respond to each student in the least 3 sentences for each.

Student 1

Online dating has been the new way of dating in the recent years.  Table 8.1 surprised me because of how high the percentage is in the years 2000-2010.  I didn’t realize that so many people are into online dating.  It is an easier way for people that are shy to communicate with others through the internet rather than in person.

I have dating with meeting people in person and have done online dating.  It is hard for me to talk to people I meet at a bar or a party rather than on online.  I met my current girlfriend online and we have been together for almost a year.  I have never been happier to meet my soulmate.  Being that we live in a small world turns out we know a lot of the same people.  Online dating isn’t for everyone and can be a scary thing but it may be what works for people.

I feel that online dating is for older people in their twenties rather then children.  I feel that online dating is very dangerous in the world we live in today and it can turn out ugly.  Many children and young teens have been set up and killed from meeting online.  It all depends on the person and what they allow.

Student 2

What surprised me the most was Table 8.1- I had no idea that 20-25% of Americans (in 2012) had met their partners online- I would have estimated a much lower percentage.

I have been in a committed relationship for almost a year but before then, I was living in a new place and decided to try a couple of dating sites/apps. I went on a few dates with different people and my takeaway was that online dating isn’t really for me. First of all, there is something very shallow about the whole process- people present the most attractive and interesting versions of themselves and are generally completely different in person. I spent a lot of time on the dates wondering if I lived up to their expectations, and just felt a little uncomfortable.  I think the whole process sets us up to be far more judgmental and suspicious of the people we meet up with than we would be if we had just casually met them in a public place or through a friend.

However, I think that people who are a little older who are willing to pay for premium sites and work very busy schedules or have children are much more likely to find a good match. When my father admitted five years ago that he had met his new girlfriend on, my teenage self cringed a little bit- however, they are still together, engaged, and own a home. They are besotted with each other. I also work with a slightly older woman who was having trouble finding a suitable partner, but met someone on a year ago, and they got engaged last month- he has children and she is already close with them.

I think the difference is that with young people, online dating is really just normally a way to find someone to hook up with, and romance rarely blossoms. The people in their late teens and twenties who utilize these services to try find a serious relationship generally end up disappointed. With older generations, I think they tend to take it a little more seriously because they are more likely to want to find someone to share their life with.